The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is an amalgamation of medical devices and applications that can connect to health care information technology systems using networking technologies. YVIoMT technical teams are experienced in:

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Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement Applications with predictive modeling and analysis based on healthcare data that are used for encouraging patients in their own care to help improve health outcomes, drive better patient care, and achieve lower costs.

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Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) uses digital technologies to collect medical health data from smart devices and electronically transfer the information securely to Electronic Health Records (EHR) for assessment and treatment recommendations.

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Data Management & Analytics

SaaS prioritize the collection, storing, protecting, and analyzing data pulled from diverse sources. Cloud based application is utilized to consolidate, centralize, and securely access patient medical data.

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Connected Health

Wearable medical devices technology that administer medication and transfer critical health information securely from patients to providers.

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Applications that includes analysis and integration of genetic and genomic data, cheminformatic comparisons of proteins to help improve personalized medicine, and the prediction of protein function from sequence data and structural information.

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Microfluidic Diagnostics

Microfluidic devices that incorporate biomimetic dynamic cues, including but not limited to fluid flow, shear stress and mechanical strain.

About Us

YVIoMT is a leading Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) Incubator & Accelerator

YVIoMT,a Leading Internet of Medical Things Incubator and Accelerator is conceived by YVLabs Inc (Silicon Valley, USA), Strauss Healthcare (Ahmedabad, India) and Hangzhou Mission Technology Co. Ltd (Hangzhou China). Our product engineering teams comprise highly skilled Hardware and Software experts. YVIoMT partner with Entrepreneurs , Universities and Corporations who focus on Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Data Management to build great products that transform into businesses. We have a Global Footprint with teams located at Silicon Valley in USA , Hangzhou in China and Ahmedabad in India. Reach out to us!

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Our Team

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Kumar Gururajan


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Henok G. Woldu, PhD


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Alice Zhang

Director, Partnerships

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Siobhan Collier

Director, Investor Relations

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Richard Johnson


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Minda Wilson



We collaborate with passionate entrepreneurs with first-hand knowledge of the problem they have encountered or entrepreneurs that might match to a problem or idea we already have. Technology commercialization and partnerships with universities interested in the commercialization of cutting-edge discoveries and technologies by fostering collaborations through licensing and sponsored research.

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